Thornton’s 3 C Leadership Model

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of research on leadership skills to re-ignite my passion in strategic management studies.  There have been many studies and research papers done so far on various models, traits and behaviours of an effective leader.  So many in fact, that it is difficult to pick just one – I guess that’s when ‘transitional leadership’ comes in – to transition between various models and styles according to the circumstances, challenge, and team of people you are working with.

So what exactly does a leader do?  Yes the person is to set the vision, direction for the organisation.  Yes the person is to empower the growth of the people and thus the growth of the organisation.  And yes the person is to make sure all operational strategies are in alignment to the direction.  But many literature talked about these as individual tasks, a list of things that a leader should and need to do.

Recently I’ve come across the 3C Leadership Model which in my opinion grouped all of the above and more into a framework that is easy to understand, and clearer to implement.  Created by Paul B. Thornton, the 3C s identified the leader’s main responsibilities being: to present a Challenge; to build Confidence in others; and provide Coaching.  Each of the C would then include a list of things that a leader will need to do so to achieve the C.  The 3C s are inter-related, and can be presented in any order.  It’s a brilliant model, and definitely one that should be included in leadership courses.

Here is a slideshare presentation on more about Thornton’s 3C Leadership Model.

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IBM Study: If You Don’t Have a Social CEO, You’re Going to be Less Competitive

What a great article, and great discussion from those who provided feedback.

There are still plenty of examples out there, of senior management not making an effort to interact and engage with their workforce. Yet, it is often the same group of senior management who sends around memo and briefing papers around telling others to do the right thing.  Sadly they are providing life examples to their staff on ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

Managers like that need to surround themselves with a group of advisors who are willing to speak up, provide suggestions, and brave enough to argue their points so that slowly the manager can learn to do the right thing. Unfortunately, too often the reality is the people surrounding them are the ‘Yes’ people.

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Homeless hotspots: job or exploitation?

What a brilliant idea – paying the homeless to carry wi fi devices along streets.  The strategy will provide convenience to the community, and help towards providing an income to the homeless.  I wonder if NSW’s Homelessness department have looked into partnering with service providers on the feasibility of this idea?

I don’t think this is exploitation at all.  The source of income will help the homeless moving into more stable/permanent housing.

So, homeless hotspot – job opportunity, or exploitation?  What side are you on?


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Choosing a social network that’s right for me

I’ve never had a Twitter account till today as I couldn’t see what all the fuzz was about.  I mean, I am pretty happy with my facebook usage, for keeping in contact with  friends (aka people who I call friends but last see or contact maybe more than 10 years ago??).  I am also quite comfortable with the amount of professional related networking and information I get via LinkedIn.  So where’s the gap and why so many people use Twitter?

Looking at my address book, it seems:  my family and friends use facebook more, my L&D and management profession colleagues uses LinkedIn more, my IT colleagues interact with each other on Google+, and consultants / business partners I’ve worked with in the past have a presence on twitter.

Still not convinced, so I let my fingers do the walking by doing a Google search of course, and found this timely article from Network World, comparing Facebook vs Google+ vs Twitter vs LinkedIn.  

Twitter has its niche market, but I don’t think it’s for me.

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Snap! has just got better

Back in May 2011 when Snap! by Lectora was launched its advertisements were everywhere.  It is a good tool, although it compares itself to Articulate Snap! at the time did not have as many functions as the Articulate suite could offer – that is of course if you get the whole suite.

However, Snap! has just got better with the launch of its new system called Snap! Empower.  It provides the add in to your PowerPoint ribbon to create engaging elearning interface.  Its massive library of templates provides you loads of options for the best engaging activity to include – just click and drag, no design skill required.

From what I can tell, Articulate now definitely has some competition at its hands.  With the massive difference in price tag, I think soon many will take on Snap! instead.

Click here to see its media release 2 weeks ago, and below for a short preview of what it could do.

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Revitalise existing contents using creative layout and frameworks

When creating an elearning object for an existing topic, many people can’t resist but choose one of the following options:

# create the entire elearning contents from scratch (everything from contents, design, resources, tools etc)
# reuse the entire existing contents (aka direct conversion of all powerpoint slides into elearning).

One is time consuming and wasting existing resources, the other will no doubt create death by powerpoint syndromes. One of the important trick to pick up, whether it is to writing for the web or creating a new version of a popular selling book, is to repack the content into frameworks that are easy to understand.

For example, creating a branching out diagram to represent relationship and effects of events / actions to replace the existing 1 page explanation.

Luckily many of us now use Office 2007 / 2010, where you will find the ‘Smart Art’ command offering diagrams of different shapes and types to help you illustrate important points. The function is a god send to people who frequently need to write processes and procedures.

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Creative CVs that capture attention (and gets you the job)

My CV needs revamping and in desperate needs of some creativity touch. I have seen some amazing ones and always feel super jealous that their job can get away with having such interesting CVs.

Check out these 14 Coolest Resumes Ever. I was ‘ouuuuuu’ and ‘arrrrr’ the whole way, with the occasional giggles for a few. I especially love the ones with infographic CVs. I also wondered if anyone has created their CV in Prezi?

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