Make yourself presentable!

The industry benchmark qualification for a trainer is the certificate in training and assessment.  I went through it unit by unit today, and could not find one that teachers the inspiring trainer how to do presentation.  The closest to it is the unit on delivering group based training, but that is hardly ‘presentation’ skills at all.

A friend of mine is currently understanding the new TAE, and he asked me the above question the other day.  The best answer I could come up with, is that presentation skill is probably a required personal characteristic of a good trainer, you need to be someone who has the ability to stand and present well to transfer the knowledge you need to train.  But would that be right?

This afternoon I attended an industry network meeting.  One of the speaker is a ‘Sustainability Trainer’ who was there to share with us the knowledge she gained from a recent overseas forum.  That one hour while she was presenting, was the most difficult one hour of any courses I’ve been to.

Did I get that right?

The whole session was full of:

“…. you know?”   what??

“ummm…..and so….”  then changed to another topic

“and other things”…….what things?

She is probably an excellent expert on sustainability, but geez I don’t think she is a trainer if she is unable to effectively transfer her knowledge over to her audience.  At best, she was a presenter.

Trainers vs Presenters vs Facilitators – they are not the same!  However, they do have one skill need in common – they all need to have good public speaking skills.

Trainers, if you are thin-skin, hates having eyes staring at you, and your voice changes from being over nervous, then please, make presentation / public speaking skills one of your urgent professional development goal.    Remember, just because you are great at what you do, doesn’t mean you will be any good at training others.

On a separate note, whether you are a trainer, presenter, or a facilitator, the roles do cross over, and you will end up assuming part of the other’s trait as you train, present and facilitate.

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