The future will tire your eyes

An interesting blog entry was published this afternoon on Sydney Morning Herald’s site.  It’s called “Internet via contact lenses, as computers die out”.

Through ‘visions’ of respected futurists (I’ve never heard of the term!), in the future we will be working anywhere and everywhere, that an actual workplace may no longer exist.  Thank goodness, that means I can kiss office politics goodbye.

Using PCs, Ipad, and I assume that means our smartphones as well, will be replaced with contact lenses.  It suggests personal bio will appear in front of you  (in your eyes really) as you look at a person.  I wonder whether that would be a plus or minus for ‘networking’?  Because you already know the history and experience of the person in front of you, would you still approach them to start up small chit chats as you would in all those boring networking events?  But of course, the plus side is that you can also pick the person whose bio is the most interesting, thereby saving you a lot of time talking to others who may or may not turn out to be a sales person.

Also, I wonder what info can I see?  Would I be able to blink and turn on my contact lens super gadget in… say a bar?  It will sure help with culling out all the creeps and get to Mr Right faster!

Ah yes, keyboard is also envisioned to extinct as well because we can blink and a virtual one will appear.  Why not just blink and a touch screen will appear instead like the ones we’ve seen in Mission Impossible.  People might think I’m crazy as I wave my arms around in the street flicking through this transparent screen that only I can see, but maybe I can wear a sign around my neck to explain that I am having a busy working day?

You know what, I don’t know how well these changes will work out, but one thing is for sure, our health insurance will charge heaps to cover our eyes.  Can your eyes get RSI?

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