elearning technology trends – are you catching up?

I have noticed quite a few job postings in the last few months, for e-learning developer roles.  It seems elearning is on everyone’s mind.

While majority of us are only starting with elearning, looking into its investments, the LMS available, and different authoring tools, we are really merely trying to catch up with the trend, otherwise risking being categorise as the ‘dinosaurs’.

For those who keep abreast of the changes in the industry, such as the eLearning Coach, learning technology trends to watch in 2011 seem to be right on the mark.  http://theelearningcoach.com/elearning2-0/2011-learning-technology-trends/

What about the long term?  Well, The Horizon Report is an annual report describing emerging technologies in the learning and education sector –  in this report it summarises the trends into short, medium and long terms:  http://www.opensesame.com/blog/three-technology-trends-elearning.

Both worth having a read.

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