How to Show Passion and Enthusiasm in elearning materials?

Without a doubt, the trainer’s passion and enthusiasm for the topic is very important when it comes to training.  If you are not interested in your own topic, how are you supposed to expect your audience to do the same?

Well, this is a big dilemma in the elearning world isn’t it.  Your audience is not able to see your passion, they can’t see your arms waving around or that big smile and glow in the eye when you are getting into the detailed and interesting part of the course.  I tried to do my voice over with a big smile on my face (believe me, it comes through the voice) and talk slightly faster to demonstrate my enthusiasm, but the trouble is, the audience may find it too fast to follow.  I am scratching my head here… do I need to record multiple video clips of myself talking so to show passion?  It might work, but it kills the creativity of elearning though.

The other possible option, is to hire voice over talents – professionals who make cleaning chores sound like the most fun activities to do in a workplace.

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One Response to How to Show Passion and Enthusiasm in elearning materials?

  1. Darren says:

    i have used hired voices but this sometimes sounds too over the top and not natural. Smiling is good and just being enthusisatic will do the trick most of the time. Overall though content is still king. If it isnt interesting it will not be interestidng with a great voice.

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