Using LinkedIn for Professional Development

How do you use LinkedIn?  I see many people who simply set up their account with the minimal information, displaying maybe just their resume details.  On the other hand, there are a few who use it wisely for networking purpose, sending frequent updates of their business to those in the same networks, thereby promoting themselves and being seen.

I must admit I am only relatively new to LinkedIn – I haven’t venture out to find and test all of its capabilities yet.  However, I will say this – it is such a brilliant professional development platform.

Forget about looking through training catalogues for suitable courses, seminars and conferences because I am getting plenty of learning from the networks I am in.  I have joined a few which seem to have a high number of memberships and are related to my work, then BANG! – everyday I get updates on professionals around the world who shares their expertise via the discussions they create.

I like it.  With so much knowledge gathered all in one place, it would be a waste not to tap into their knowledge base.

Now here’s an interesting statistics for you, results from a recent survey (by Lab42) of 500 LinkedIn members.  Which group do you belong?

  • 61 percent used LinkedIn as their main source of online professional networking,
  • over 80 percent belong to one group or more on LinkedIn, and
  • top executives reported using LinkedIn primarily for industry networking (22 percent) while nearly 1/4 of entry level respondents (24 percent) used it for job searches.

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2 Responses to Using LinkedIn for Professional Development

  1. Darren says:

    one trick is to add the wordpress app into your profile and it wil stream your blog. You will get a bigger audience and more views.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I see what you mean – will definitely do that in a few days. But the pressure is now on me to come up with some interesting blogging topics!

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