Webinars on Training and Learning

Recently I have attended two webinars, both from CommLabIndia.  I find their website full of resources, and I am also a member of their LinkedIn network group.

The two webinars I attended were:

session 1:  Learning Design Process

This session is about identifying individual performance gaps, match the correct intervention and different training methods.  Now because CommLabIndia specialises in  elearning, so of course we are talking about the design process in terms of elearning as well. 

There is so much details in this webinar it takes time to digest.  However, I like how they have identified the main Design Models into categories below:

  • Scenario based model
  • Problem based model
  • Discovery model
  • Situational based model
  • Storytelling
  • Guided model

It might seem simple, but I think having this list of model in front of me when I am creating elearning sessions would definitely help with the design of the contents and how to engage the audience.

session 2: eLearning Deployment Strategy

I was hoping the deployment strategy would give me the step by steps of a project plan to roll out an elearning project, but unfortunately that was not the case.

This webinar focuses on Synchronous and Asynchronous learning modes, the benefits of each and therefore when to use them.

Synchronous learning = same time, different place.  Best use when location is a challenge, when group dynamic and collaboration required, and when live support is needed.

Asynchronous learning = different time, different place.  Best use when the topic is not too complex, when contents are already available, and when the elearning tools are easy to use.  This is your typical elearning module that you see on an LMS system.

Fair enough.  The learning needs / mode of each are different, so of course it would then change your deployment and delivery decision.  Their recommendation is actually to use a blend of both.

Within the session, it also talked about the most popular Virtual Classroom Applications for synchronous learning.  They are:

  • Go to meeting
  • Microsoft live meetings
  • Adobe Connect
  • WebEx Training Centre

The above is in lowest to most popular.  I have only used Go To Meetings, but will sure check out the other three options.

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