Infographics – visual representation of data

I need to catch up on the industry trends happening at the moment in various industries – the more I find out, the more I am amazed at how little I know.

We all work in an environment where there is so much data and information to go through each day, then come report and presentation time we will be dumping the same amount of data and information to our audience.  We need a way to present this same information in a manner that is easy to understand and aim to achieve high impact.

I am not talking about just a diagram such as pie chart or bar graphs.  I am talking about INFOGRAPHICS.

Infographics – new word, new trend, existing concept delivered in new and better packages.   One of my all time favourite personal development course is “Essential Writing Skills – Create Clarity” by Patricia Hoyle.  She teaches you how to shape your words and sentences to achieve high impacts.  Well, Infographics is the graphic version really.

10 awesome free tools to make infographics:

But my favourite at the moment, is a new tool call “”.  The site currently offers sharing and uploading of infographics.  But you will soon be able to create it on the site as well.  I can’t wait…. If you are a bit puzzled as to what infographic looks like, or the capacity infographic could do for you, just have a look at the samples provided by its members.  I was impressed, you should too.

Here’s a video to give you a bit more info on

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One Response to Infographics – visual representation of data

  1. We’ve done a handful of infographics:

    We have found that visitors to our blog love, love, love infographics – they’re easy to read, fun, creative and (still) unexpected. Data is hard to process, conceptualize and manage; infographics give you a new way to assimilate information into useful knowledge quickly.

    Finally, if you have ideas for infographics you’d love to see, let us know! We’ll work on them.

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