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Choosing a social network that’s right for me

I’ve never had a Twitter account till today as I couldn’t see what all the fuzz was about.  I mean, I am pretty happy with my facebook usage, for keeping in contact with  friends (aka people who I call friends … Continue reading

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Snap! has just got better

Back in May 2011 when Snap! by Lectora was launched its advertisements were everywhere.  It is a good tool, although it compares itself to Articulate Snap! at the time did not have as many functions as the Articulate suite could … Continue reading

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Revitalise existing contents using creative layout and frameworks

When creating an elearning object for an existing topic, many people can’t resist but choose one of the following options: # create the entire elearning contents from scratch (everything from contents, design, resources, tools etc) # reuse the entire existing … Continue reading

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Creative CVs that capture attention (and gets you the job)

My CV needs revamping and in desperate needs of some creativity touch. I have seen some amazing ones and always feel super jealous that their job can get away with having such interesting CVs. Check out these 14 Coolest Resumes … Continue reading

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When ideas can not wait

I was out having dinner when an idea popped up about a task I need to do at work, so quickly on the napkin it went.  Thank goodness for the invention of napkins! The thing with “impulse thoughts” moments like … Continue reading

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