When ideas can not wait

my ideas on a napkin

I was out having dinner when an idea popped up about a task I need to do at work, so quickly on the napkin it went.  Thank goodness for the invention of napkins!

The thing with “impulse thoughts” moments like these, is that the information are never detailed enough.  All you have is a rough picture and outline of what you want.  Sometimes that is all you need, and detailed action plan and strategies will derive afterward when you have the time (and some decent writing device like paper or computer) to work on it.

This reminds me of a book called ‘The Back of the Napkin’.  It focuses on the fact that everyone has a hidden talent and preference to visual representation of information.  From presenting information, problem solving, to creating frameworks and strategies, you should be able to jot rough drawings down and go from there.

Have a look at this and this for some examples of brilliant ideas which later became famous ventures and projects.

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