Revitalise existing contents using creative layout and frameworks

When creating an elearning object for an existing topic, many people can’t resist but choose one of the following options:

# create the entire elearning contents from scratch (everything from contents, design, resources, tools etc)
# reuse the entire existing contents (aka direct conversion of all powerpoint slides into elearning).

One is time consuming and wasting existing resources, the other will no doubt create death by powerpoint syndromes. One of the important trick to pick up, whether it is to writing for the web or creating a new version of a popular selling book, is to repack the content into frameworks that are easy to understand.

For example, creating a branching out diagram to represent relationship and effects of events / actions to replace the existing 1 page explanation.

Luckily many of us now use Office 2007 / 2010, where you will find the ‘Smart Art’ command offering diagrams of different shapes and types to help you illustrate important points. The function is a god send to people who frequently need to write processes and procedures.

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