Choosing a social network that’s right for me

I’ve never had a Twitter account till today as I couldn’t see what all the fuzz was about.  I mean, I am pretty happy with my facebook usage, for keeping in contact with  friends (aka people who I call friends but last see or contact maybe more than 10 years ago??).  I am also quite comfortable with the amount of professional related networking and information I get via LinkedIn.  So where’s the gap and why so many people use Twitter?

Looking at my address book, it seems:  my family and friends use facebook more, my L&D and management profession colleagues uses LinkedIn more, my IT colleagues interact with each other on Google+, and consultants / business partners I’ve worked with in the past have a presence on twitter.

Still not convinced, so I let my fingers do the walking by doing a Google search of course, and found this timely article from Network World, comparing Facebook vs Google+ vs Twitter vs LinkedIn.  

Twitter has its niche market, but I don’t think it’s for me.

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One Response to Choosing a social network that’s right for me

  1. Darren says:

    Hi, its not about the chat aspect of twitter. Use the search function and find resources. Use a second party such as hoot suite and create columns of searching. Follow people who regularly post resources and information..

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