Thornton’s 3 C Leadership Model

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of research on leadership skills to re-ignite my passion in strategic management studies.  There have been many studies and research papers done so far on various models, traits and behaviours of an effective leader.  So many in fact, that it is difficult to pick just one – I guess that’s when ‘transitional leadership’ comes in – to transition between various models and styles according to the circumstances, challenge, and team of people you are working with.

So what exactly does a leader do?  Yes the person is to set the vision, direction for the organisation.  Yes the person is to empower the growth of the people and thus the growth of the organisation.  And yes the person is to make sure all operational strategies are in alignment to the direction.  But many literature talked about these as individual tasks, a list of things that a leader should and need to do.

Recently I’ve come across the 3C Leadership Model which in my opinion grouped all of the above and more into a framework that is easy to understand, and clearer to implement.  Created by Paul B. Thornton, the 3C s identified the leader’s main responsibilities being: to present a Challenge; to build Confidence in others; and provide Coaching.  Each of the C would then include a list of things that a leader will need to do so to achieve the C.  The 3C s are inter-related, and can be presented in any order.  It’s a brilliant model, and definitely one that should be included in leadership courses.

Here is a slideshare presentation on more about Thornton’s 3C Leadership Model.

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