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Thornton’s 3 C Leadership Model

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of research on leadership skills to re-ignite my passion in strategic management studies.  There have been many studies and research papers done so far on various models, traits and behaviours of an effective leader. … Continue reading

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IBM Study: If You Don’t Have a Social CEO, You’re Going to be Less Competitive

What a great article, and great discussion from those who provided feedback. There are still plenty of examples out there, of senior management not making an effort to interact and engage with their workforce. Yet, it is often the same … Continue reading

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Homeless hotspots: job or exploitation?

What a brilliant idea – paying the homeless to carry wi fi devices along streets.  The strategy will provide convenience to the community, and help towards providing an income to the homeless.  I wonder if NSW’s Homelessness department have looked into … Continue reading

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Choosing a social network that’s right for me

I’ve never had a Twitter account till today as I couldn’t see what all the fuzz was about.  I mean, I am pretty happy with my facebook usage, for keeping in contact with  friends (aka people who I call friends … Continue reading

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Snap! has just got better

Back in May 2011 when Snap! by Lectora was launched its advertisements were everywhere.  It is a good tool, although it compares itself to Articulate Snap! at the time did not have as many functions as the Articulate suite could … Continue reading

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Revitalise existing contents using creative layout and frameworks

When creating an elearning object for an existing topic, many people can’t resist but choose one of the following options: # create the entire elearning contents from scratch (everything from contents, design, resources, tools etc) # reuse the entire existing … Continue reading

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Creative CVs that capture attention (and gets you the job)

My CV needs revamping and in desperate needs of some creativity touch. I have seen some amazing ones and always feel super jealous that their job can get away with having such interesting CVs. Check out these 14 Coolest Resumes … Continue reading

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