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Snap! has just got better

Back in May 2011 when Snap! by Lectora was launched its advertisements were everywhere.  It is a good tool, although it compares itself to Articulate Snap! at the time did not have as many functions as the Articulate suite could … Continue reading

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Mindflash – a learning management tool

Came across a new elearning tool today:  Mindflash. It is a combination of authoring tool, LMS, and LCMS all in one.   The authoring side is not so strong – it takes your existing powerpoint slides, video, documents and convert them … Continue reading

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How to Show Passion and Enthusiasm in elearning materials?

Without a doubt, the trainer’s passion and enthusiasm for the topic is very important when it comes to training.  If you are not interested in your own topic, how are you supposed to expect your audience to do the same? … Continue reading

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Snap! by Lectora – Another rapid elearning tool

Anyone heard of Snap! ?  (Yes, the name comes with the exclamation mark) According to its website, it easily create brilliant elearning modules by converting powerpoint presentation into interactive and engaging modules.  It even asks viewers to compare it with … Continue reading

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elearning technology trends – are you catching up?

I have noticed quite a few job postings in the last few months, for e-learning developer roles.  It seems elearning is on everyone’s mind. While majority of us are only starting with elearning, looking into its investments, the LMS available, … Continue reading

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ADDIE in practice

“e-learning” – the term that excites me and gives me fear at the same time. Having seen quite a few examples of elearning modules, I am excited in what it could do.  Like a child discovering a new toy, I … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: the journey, or the end?

Is e-learning activity the journey, or the end? Should learning activities embedded in an e-learning module be designed as part of the journey?  Or is it a tool to end the journey?  Learning activities used appropriately, can be used for … Continue reading

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